Our Work

We are taking concrete action in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property law and public health
  • Human rights and access to medicinal products
  • Transfer of technology and scientific knowledge in pharmaceutical field
  • Local pharmaceutical production
  • Legal and regulatory framework for drugs
  • Health ethics

Our approach to the work depends on the field concerned:

Method 1

  • Analysing existing capacities of countries
  • Providing technical advice on policy choices and reforms that enhance national capacity on access to medicinal products through an awareness-raising campaign
  • Developing an approach based on case studies to improve understanding of reforming national and regional policies on access to medical products
  • Obtaining commitment from development organisations to proposed countries capacity building strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Method 2

Yolse will create South-South or North-South bridges to facilitate technology transfer and the fostering of scientific knowledge and expertise, and good-quality monitoring of development.


We implement our work programme through

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Workshops and
  • Training Events