About Us

YOLSE, Public Health & Innovation (Yolse) is an association incorporated under Swiss law according to articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code.

It is based in Carouge in the canton of Geneva.
Yolse means to heal in the Moré language spoken in Burkina Faso.


Yolse aims to promote a holistic approach to access to innovation and medical technologies in French-speaking Sub-Saharan African countries.


  • Evaluate and analyze the concrete needs of countries’ medical technologies and establish partnerships to satisfy them and monitor results.
  • Promote a national coordinating mechanism to improve access to quality, safe, effective and affordable health technologies.
  • Support at the national and regional level a rigorous regulation of medical products and the implementation of an intellectual property system appropriate to innovation and local pharmaceutical production.
  • Create bridges to encourage technology transfer and know-how in the field of medical technologies.
  • Promote at the national and regional level a policy of capacity building in the field of science, technology, research and pharmaceutical development.
  • Influence international developments on public health in Africa.